Best Viewing Locations

Maplewood Drive in Maplewood Park by the tennis courts (between Seneca Parkway & Riverside)
Maplewood Drive

  • Starting line for the Rochester 1/2 Marathon & 5K. Runners begin their journey on Maplewood Drive.
  • Runners travel north on the road and come back through the park when they are going south on the path. From this spot, you can see the Half Marathoners 2 times. 
  • Free parking will be available in the Kodak Parking Lot located on Maplewood Drive, between Kheel Street & Hanford Landing. This parking lot is about ¾ of a mile from the Starting Line.
  • Shuttles will be available to take spectators from Frontier Field to the Start Line from 5am – 7:15am. However, shuttle service back to Frontier Field will only be available immediately following the start. It will not continue throughout the day.

Parking Lot located on Maplewood Drive (between Kheel Street & Hanford Landing)
Parking Lot

  • Runners will run down Maplewood Drive and go right by this parking lot at about the 1-mile mark.

Turning Point Park, Charlotte
Turning Point Park Lot

  • You can access Turning Point Park from Boxart Street.  There is a parking lot at the end of Boxart Street.
  • Once parked, walk north down the path and you will see participants before they get on the boardwalk. Please do not go on the boardwalk

O’Rorke Bridge, Charlotte
O'Rourke Bridge

  • Runners will come down Lake Avenue & cross over the O’Rorke Bridge into Irondequoit. So either side of the bridge will be good for spectators. Or even on the sidewalk of the bridge!

Thomas Avenue & St. Paul Blvd, Irondequoit
Thomas Ave to St. Paul Blvd

  • Only northbound traffic will be allowed down Thomas Avenue.
  • On St. Paul Blvd, traffic will be allowed to go northbound & southbound.

Pont de Rennes Bridge
Pedestrian Bridge

  • This is the famous pedestrian crossover between the brewery & the High Falls District.
  • Runners will cross over this bridge right before the finish line.

Corner of Plymouth Ave & Morrie Silver Way
Plymouth Ave & Morrie Silver Way

  • The Finish Line!
  • All participants will be finishing their journey on Morrie Silver Way in front of Frontier Field.
  • There will be plenty of parking available in the lots across from Frontier Field (Kodak Lot C on Plymouth & Kodak Lot D on Morrie Silver).