Best Viewing Locations

Maplewood Drive in Maplewood Park by the tennis courts (between Seneca Parkway & Riverside)
Maplewood Drive

  • Starting line for the Rochester 1/2 Marathon & 5K. Runners begin their journey on Maplewood Drive.
  • Runners travel north on the road and come back through the park when they are going south on the path. From this spot, you can see the Half Marathoners 2 times. 
  • Free parking will be available in the Kodak Parking Lot located on Maplewood Drive, between Kheel Street & Hanford Landing. This parking lot is about ¾ of a mile from the Starting Line.
  • Shuttles will be available to take spectators from Frontier Field to the Start Line from 5am – 7:15am. However, shuttle service back to Frontier Field will only be available immediately following the start. It will not continue throughout the day.

Parking Lot located on Maplewood Drive (between Kheel Street & Hanford Landing)
Parking Lot

  • Runners will run down Maplewood Drive and go right by this parking lot at about the 1-mile mark.

Turning Point Park, Charlotte
Turning Point Park Lot

  • You can access Turning Point Park from Boxart Street.  There is a parking lot at the end of Boxart Street.
  • Once parked, walk north down the path and you will see participants before they get on the boardwalk. Please do not go on the boardwalk

O’Rorke Bridge, Charlotte
O'Rourke Bridge

  • Runners will come down Lake Avenue & cross over the O’Rorke Bridge into Irondequoit. So either side of the bridge will be good for spectators. Or even on the sidewalk of the bridge!

Thomas Avenue & St. Paul Blvd, Irondequoit
Thomas Ave to St. Paul Blvd

  • Only northbound traffic will be allowed down Thomas Avenue.
  • On St. Paul Blvd, traffic will be allowed to go northbound & southbound.

Pont de Rennes Bridge Area
Pedestrian Bridge

  • This is the famous pedestrian crossover between the brewery & the High Falls District.
  • Runners will come down the riverpath on the West Side of the river.  You will be able to see them make their final turn towards State Street and the River Path

Corner of Plymouth Ave & Morrie Silver Way
Plymouth Ave & Morrie Silver Way

  • The Finish Line!
  • All participants will be finishing their journey on Morrie Silver Way in front of Frontier Field.
  • There will be plenty of parking available in the lots across from Frontier Field (Kodak Lot C on Plymouth & Kodak Lot D on Morrie Silver).