Here are a few hints on how to get the most out of the marathon experience as a spectator.

Click Here to see the Best Viewing Locations for Race Day

Cheer on the Runners!

 Words of encouragement to offer runners as they pass your Marathon Yard Party:

1) “Way to run”

2) “You Look Mahvelous”

3) “Awesome”

4) “You Can Do It”

5) “Looking Strong”

6) “You’re flying”

7) “Looking Good”

Unless you are at FRONTIER FIELD near the finish line,
please DO NOT cheer the following: 

"almost there"

"not far to go"

"just a few hundred feet from the finish line"

or similar.

The Top 10 Tips on how to be an Awesome Spectator

1. Decide who you want to watch (the front of the pack; the back of the pack who REALLY will need your support; loved one (friends, family, co-workers) and make a PLAN.

2. Print the course map and keep it with you at all times in order to navigate the course.

3. Check the list of “cheering locations” – find the ones that interest you the most, mark them on your map, and head out!

4. Figure out where the people are going to be and when – figure out where they will be at various times on the course. Do the math on the basis of whom you want to see, and you will have fun. If you want to move, have a time schedule written down, and be sure and figure in your commute time.

5. Make some noise! Come prepared. Bring something that will let your friend/family member/co-worker know that you are out there cheering them him or her on. Just remember that there will be others around you, don’t be offensive!

6. Make signs (on poster board or the like) – either for your friend/loved ones, or for everyone! Be creative and colorful, the runners will truly appreciate your time and trouble!

7. While support is welcomed by the runners everywhere on the course, the second half as well as the finish will be appreciated the most.

8. Check out the weather channels the morning of the race and dress appropriately (sunscreen/hat, umbrella, jacket, long/short sleeves, etc.) It is Rochester, remember?

9. Travel around the course responsibly. Whether by bicycle or car, watch out for the runners! Click here to see the details of the street closures.

10. Watch out for the runners who have their names or special singlets on. If they have their name on their shirt or body, call it out, give them encouragement, it will go a long way with the runners. If you see anyone wearing a singlet participating in this event for a charity, give him or her a shout out as wel. They are running for a very honorable cause and will appreciate your encouragement!